What is Better: Screens Vs. Bed Nets

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Have you ever contemplated on choosing between bed nets and having a home renovation to apply screens? I’m sure you see the big difference between the amount of money you’ll be spending with these two products. A bed net, one for each member of the family, or an investment for home renovation, screening your windows and doors, the variety and purpose of the screen and how it will affect the entire house not only health wise but, environment and wellbeing wise as well. 

This has always been a dilemma when it comes to cost comparisons between what can protect you and your family better from mosquitos and other insects and pests that can infiltrate your place. Often times they opt for Bed Nets because of it’s price, not a completely terrible choice but it’s not the right one either.  

That’s right, since bed nets are only temporary, they only protect you and your family from anopheline mosquitos. These are mosquito types that bite in the dark or at night. Bed nets are also only used during the night time or napping time. Incorrectly using a bed net can cause suffocation as well, so not only is it impractical, it’s also risky.  

This is where screens come in. Screens on walls or ceilings are permanent. They can protect your home during day time and night time. It keeps those blood sucking mosquitos away that bother you at night, they also keep other pests away. Anopheline mosquitos are no longer a problem at night, screens also keep out Culex mosquitos and Aedes mosquitos that bite during daylight. These mosquitos are the usual carriers of tropical diseases such as dengue, filariasis and Rift Valley Fever. Screens also protect your home from houseflies that transmit pathogens of feces to your food. Health-wise, if we contrast these screens and bed nets, with these factors and not just focusing on malaria, bed nets are generally just a waste of money.  

Screens also factor in with the market value of your home, should you decide to sell it in the near future. These services are offered and readily available in any city or town near you. Even a local carpenter can do these. If you’re a local in Boca Raton, Florida – weather here is usually temperate and screens are more than just a home renovation but a necessity. Patio enclosures Boca Raton offers a variety of screening services. They offer screen repair and screening replacement for your pool and porch. 

If you’re asking for accuracy and effectivity of screens, these factors should be enough to convince you that screens are a better choice when it comes to deciding whether you should choose between screens obed nets.  

Have you decided if whether you will commit to investing your hard earned money on an expensive home renovation for the installation screen windows, ceilings and doors? Or still stick with the cheap practical alternative and keep using it until there’s an actual potential risk which is a bed net?  

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