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Difference Between Epoxy Floor Coating and Epoxy Paints

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Paint and Epoxy Coating are often interchanged but there’s a distinct difference between these two when it comes to Epoxy Paint and Epoxy Coatings. There are many factors to consider when you apply flooring to your home or other spaces. Epoxy is a material, synthetic in nature containing epoxide that thermosets polymers or in a layman’s term just very durable and strong plastic

So, what’s their difference?  

Epoxy Paints are a product that is composed of latex and acrylic and mixed with very little amount of epoxy. This combination can result in better durability and adhesive characteristics than the standard acrylic paint. Epoxy floor coatings in contrast are composed of Epoxy Resin and a Polyamine Hardener. If paint dries, Epoxy floor coatings Cure. This makes it very resistant to stains, abrasions and chemicals 


Epoxy paint is much easier to apply than epoxy floor coatings. With epoxy paint, a simple paint applicator can definitely power wash the entire floor surface of concrete. Once the concrete dries, professionals usually apply 2-3 coats of epoxy paint on the surface of it. The floor would look great and it’s very fast and simple to achieve and execute.  


Epoxy Coatings on the other hand are very hard to apply but they do last longer and are more durable than Epoxy Paints. Epoxy coating can last for more than a decade. This kind of flooring is very resistant to abrasion, durable in a lot of situations and are chemical resistant. It’s non-slip and will not flake unlike other floorings. There needs to be proper surface preparation before the application of this type of Flooring. Shot blasting, Scarring and grinding are a few of the surface preparations you need to do to achieve the best quality for Epoxy floor coatings.  


Epoxy floor coatings also consist of different layers. Unlike Epoxy paint where the paint is only applied once or twice, Epoxy floor coatings consist of a primer, a body coating, broadcast layer and top coating. These layers make the Epoxy floor coatings thicker and more durable.  


Have you decided on which will you choose for your flooring? Epoxy Paint or Epoxy Floor Coating? After reading this you are ready to factor in other things as well, such as your budget, the environment, the type of material that will be always interacting with your epoxy coated or painted floor. Once you have considered these factors, you will need to hire a professional to do your flooring for you. What better way to decide when you brainstorm with a professional who not only can give you an estimate on how should you go about your flooring but can also do the job for you with all of the steps explained along the process of applying it.  


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